Sokol Keep

It was an ancient fortress with stone walls charred, grayed, and desolated from dragon fire. In 1480 DR, a beacon was placed on the highest tower to be utilized as a light house.

In the large courtyard of the keep, dragon fire burned and destroyed most of the wooden buildings that lined the courtyard, the only exception was the stone building of the temple of Tyr. The shrine was primarily intact, but the wooden bell tower was in disrepair. The temple was located in the far left corner of the courtyard passed the old wooden gates. In the center of the courtyard was the keep’s old mess hall, which was an open airy building with tables. The charred stable and blacksmith shop were on the right with a rotting shed and barracks on the immediate left.

Around 1480 DR, the keep was the headquarters of the merchant family House Sokol.

Later House Sokol moved away. Sokol Keep’s lighthouse is a reliable source of
income for the house and important to the city’s
maritime trade and defense. So the family left a token
few retainers to maintain the fortress and ensure that
the beacon was operational. Leading this small group
was the young Igan Sokol, a junior member of the
family. In addition, the Black Fist has a small squad of
soldiers at the Keep to ostensibly help with defense.

Igan Sokol został zamordowany przez członka Czarnej Pięści Sierżanta Grima Thornbucka. Grim Thornbuck został pojmany przez drużynę i przekazany w ręce wymiaru sprawiedliwości. Nie wiadomo jaka kara została mu wymierzona.

Obecnie Sokol Keep służy jako główna siedziba ruchu oporu przeciwko Zjadliwości, pod samym nosem Phlan. Rezyduje tam również cała Rada ruchu oporu.

Sokol Keep

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